Jewish wedding band

An experienced Jewish wedding band for hire based in and around London

Selecting the perfect Jewish wedding band is a big decision and one that you need to get right in order for your big day to run smoothly. It goes without saying that you want an amazing live band in the evening and there are many bands around that can do this. It is also important that the band you choose has experience in performing at Jewish weddings in and around London.

A good Simcha band will not only be able to provide great party music for dancing later in the evening but will also offer a fantastic 20 minute medley of traditional Jewish dancing songs for the Hora and the ability to provide a smaller experienced band for the Chuppah ceremony.

In addition to this it is always nice to have the option of live music at the drinks reception and even through dinner as part of any Jewish wedding.

SupaTight have all of these areas covered and are experienced in performing at all types of Jewish weddings and events. All of our band members understand the traditional aspects involved in a Jewish wedding in London and endeavour to make the whole day a seemless and memorable occasion.

Many Jewish wedding clients like to have live music for the Chuppah ceremony. This normally comes in the form of a duo or a trio and getting the music right the Chuppah ceremony is paramount. We have a specialized SupaTight Chuppah ceremony duo or trio dedicated to this called the  Klezmer Trio.

The format of your Jewish wedding

We are often asked what is the “normal” format of a Jewish wedding. The simple answer is that there isn’t one. Any wedding is a special event designed to meet the requirements of a bride and groom as they come together on their special day and a Jewish wedding is the same.

Your Jewish wedding can be as traditional or contemporary as you desire. We can help you mix traditional Jewish dances with contemporary dances and secular music. You as the bride and groom should choose what to include in your special day based on how traditional the wedding festivities will be.

Modern couples may decide to devote a small part of their Jewish wedding reception music to participating in classic traditional dances. This decision may be based upon the couple’s own wishes, requests from the family or the number of guests who are familiar with more traditional Jewish wedding dances. If you discuss your wishes and feelings with us then we can help you decide on the best format for your Jewish wedding in London.

Chuppah ceremony wedding music

For the Chuppah ceremony many clients like to have traditional, live music which will normally come in the form of a duo or a trio. Traditionally this would be a clarinet, accordion and double bass. Getting the music right for the Chuppah is paramount and our repertoire is always selected with great care.

SupaTight’s specialist Klezmer Trio are a traditional Jewish music band can play 15 to 20 minutes while your guests arrive to be seated. They can play music throughout the ceremony where requested and at the end of the ceremony while the guests adjourn to the drinks reception.

The band is acoustic and therefore mobile allowing them to play their instruments whilst leading the guests into the reception room and then carry on with a Simcha set of music.

Klezmer Trio

Klezmer Trio

Klezmer, Swing, Israeli and traditional Jewish music Trio. The band can play through the wedding ceremony as either a solo, duo or trio and are ideal for the reception drinks and even through the wedding dinner.

To Book

Please email or call 0845 647 7679 with details of your enquiry including date, location, estimated room size and approximate number of guests.

The band are available from their standard 5 piece up to the full 11 piece band.

If staging and professional lighting is also required please let us know and we will add this into the quote.

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