Bass & Band Leader

Band Leader and Bass Player Dave, AKA – “The High Priest of The Low Frequencies”.

Dave began his musical journey aged 7 on the Viola (due to being extremely small at age 7 his Viola was actually a Violin strung as a Viola). By the time he was 11 he had ascended up-to the largest of the string section – the double bass – and thus, the pathway to the bass player you hear today had begun. Years of dedicated practice followed and, by the time he had finished his study of music at University he had already built up an impressive CV of live performances and studio work. This has formed the foundations of the skill-set of this talented, and hugely respected bassist within the industry.

But as any artist will tell you, the quest to improve is endless, thus the study and work continues…. Dave is amongst kindred spirits within the ranks of SupaTight, as relentless pursuit of excellence is a shared goal.

Dave’s unparalleled musical excellence, organisation skills and natural charm makes him the perfect option as SupaTight’s band leader.